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Win a Brand New Vauxhall Corsa


There are plenty of scrap metal merchants out there, and you can easily get a few quid for your pocket. That being said, there are a few pretty good reasons to scrap your car with us. You want the best cash price for your old car, plus to help local Charities and even better, a chance to Win a brand new car in the process.

We have over forty years experience in the scrap industry. We re-use and recycle as much as possible and squeeze every last penny out of your scrap car, so you’re in the right place to get the most buck for your banger.

Scrap My Vehicle Now makes sure that as much of your car is re-used or recycled as efficiently as possible. We don’t just chuck stuff on landfill like some companies – we’ve got a long history in the scrap metal and recycling industry and we know what we’re doing.

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